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Dodge History - 1915 Dodge Brothers Touring Car

Dodge History

Dodge History - Over 10,000 Classic, Collector and Current Cars and Trucks at RemarkableCars.com

Dodge History

In 1914 the Dodge Brothers announced they were going to start manufacturing automobiles. The brothers, John and Horace, had supplied engines and transmissions to R.E. Olds and engines and transmission axles to Henry Ford. The first Dodge car was delivered on November 14, 1914 and 370 were built by the end of the year.

The only body style offered initially was the 4-door Touring. A 2-door Roadster was added in 1915.

The production figure of 45,000 for 1914 and 1915 was the best ever first year for any carmaker and by 1916, Dodge was the 4th largest car builder in the US.

In 1916, General John J. Pershing used a Dodge Touring to pursue Poncho Villa all over Mexico and Pershing no doubt helped Dodge to prominence in sales to the Army during the first World War.

Standard features on the early Dodge vehicles included mechanical brakes on the rear only, demountable wooden spoke wheels, and a selective sliding gear transmission. Available options included spare tire, side curtains, tool kit, luggage rack, horn, temperature gauge, windshield wiper, spotlight and wire wheels.

By 1920 Dodge chassis were a favorite among truck conversion firms who bought running gear from car companies as a basis for trucks. By 1921 Dodge was marketing all the trucks produced by one of these firms, Graham Brothers, which became a division of Dodge in 1924. In 1927 and 1928 all Dodge-built trucks were sold as Graham Brothers trucks.

In 1920, just six years after organizing Dodge Brothers, Inc., both John and Horace died, John of influenza and Horace of pneumonia. Fred J. Haynes took over as president upon their death, and in 1925 the Dodge family sold the Dodge Brothers company to investment bankers Dillon, Read & Company.

In 1928 the Chrysler Corporation bought Dodge Brothers and the Dodge marque became a division of Chrysler. The 1929 Dodge models were the first produced under the ownership.

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Dodge History - Over 10,000 Classic, Collector and Current Cars and Trucks at RemarkableCars.com