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Ferrari F430 Cars

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Ferrari F430 Cars

2006 Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider
2006 Hamann Ferrari F430 Spider

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Ferrari F430

The Ferrari F430 was introduced at the 2004 Paris Motor Show with delivery beginning in November that same year. The F430 high-performance 2-seater sporstcar succeeded the Ferrari 360.

Program duration: 2004 to Present
Price: $168,005 - $227,000 in the United States

Ferrari F430 Description

The Ferrari F430 chassis is the evolution of the F360 and known internally simply as the "Evo". Changes for the F430 include improved aerodynamamics that substantially improve the downforce, an entirely new 4.3 liter 490 hp V-8 engine, and improved Brembo brakes.

Also included on the F430 are the E-Diff, a computer-controlled limited slip differential which can vary the distribution of torque based on inputs such as steering angle and lateral acceleration, and Ferrari's manettino steering wheel-mounted control that allows drivers to select from five different settings which modify the vehicle's ESP system, "Skyhook" electronic suspension, transmission behavior, throttle response.

Ferrari F430 Specifications

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