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Buick Cars

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1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible - Meadow Brook Concours 2005
1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible - Meadow Brook Concours 2005

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Buick History

Buick Motor Division
General Motors Corporation
1051 E. Hamilton Avenue
Flint, Michigan 48550 Website: www.Buick.con

The Buick Motor Car Company of Flint, Michigan was the automobile company on which William Durant built the General Motors Corporation.

David Dunbar Buick built a small plumbing business in Detriot, Michigan, and developed a method of annealing porcelain to iron, making white bathtubs possible. In 1900 he started experimenting with gasoline engines and developed the valve-in-head engine that became a Buick hallmark

Buick formed the Buick Motor Car Company and began automobile manufacturing in 1903. A year later Buick was joined by William C. Durant. In 1907, Buick left the Buick Motor Car Company due to differences with Durant.

In 1908, Durant formed General Motors Corp , making the Buick Motor Company a division of the new company, and by buying the Oldsmobile, Cadillac, and Oakland car companies.

The original Buick cars built in 1903 had a flat-twin engine mounted amidship under the floor, a common design in early cars. What made the Buick engines different were that they were mechanically operated by full overhead valves, a feature of all cars bearing the Buick name. The transmission was two-speed planetary with final drive by chain.

Four-cylinder engines were introduced in 1907. In 1909 Bob Burman drove a Buick to victory in the first race ever held at the Indianapolis Speedway.
Electric starting and lighting were added in 1914.

In 1915 the American Red Cross chose Buick for its ambulances.

1930 - The Buick Division of General Motors creates a new brand, "Marquette" to build a smaller, less expensive car. The brand lasted only one year even though over 35,000 were sold.

Buick Annual Production


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