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Buick Roadmaster Cars

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1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible - Meadow Brook Concours 2005
1948 Buick Roadmaster Convertible - Meadow Brook Concours 2005

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Buick Roadmaster

Following World War II, Buick offered the widest selection of models in its history, and the sleek, rakish and luxurious Roadmaster continued to enjoy top-line status. Based on the new General Motors C-body platform with a commanding 126-inch wheelbase, the Roadmaster was available in five body styles, including Sedan, Sedanette, Hardtop Coupe, Station Wagon and Convertible Coupe models.

A large part of Buick's postwar success must be attributed to Harley Earl, who pioneered aircraft-inspired design themes in his vision of the ideal automobile. In addition, Buick added, for the first time, its trademark front fender portholes or ventiports, another aircraft-inspired design theme that was developed by Buick designer Ned Nickles and reportedly tested on his own personal car. Mechanically, the company introduced the Dynaflow fully automatic transmission as an option on the Series 70 Roadmaster model line in 1948, and in fact, the Dynaflow proved so popular that Buick was quickly forced to double its schedule of proposed installations.

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