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Aston Martin DB2

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - Aston Martin DB2

1952 Aston-Martin DB2

1952 Aston-Martin DB2

Aston Martin DB2 Photo Gallery

Aston Martin DB2 1950-1959

In 1949 Aston Martin, now under the leadership of David Brown (that?s where the "DB" come from), introduced the DB2 to the public in the classic manner, by initially building prototypes and subjecting them to the public ordeal of long-distance sports car racing.

The DB2 performed well at both the Le Mans and Spa 24-hour events. The car went into production in 1950. Improvements and modifications to the basic DB2 allowed it to be produced until 1959 (with a couple of changes in the model name) when it was replaced by the DB4.

One of the reasons for the success of the DB2 was the combining of the Aston Martin multi-tube chassis with the Lagonda Bentley-designed twin-cam engine.

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