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1982 Checker A-11 Taxicab

Remarkable cars picture encyclopedia - 1982 Checker A-11 Taxicab

1982 Checker A-11 Taxicab
1982 Checker A-11 Taxicab - The Final Checker Cab Built


Manufacturer: Checker Motors Corporation, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Engine: Chevrolet V-6, 110 hp
Wheelbase: 120"
Production: 2000 (Approx)
Factory Price: $10,950

The Checker Taxicab shown above, painted in traditional green and cream with Checker's trademark checkerboard trim, was the very last Checker automobile produced. It rolled off the assembly line June 12, 1982 and marked the end of an American icon.

This body style was introduced by Checker as the A8 in 1956 and remained nearly unchanged for 26 years. In production from 1922 to 1982, Checker Motors had been the world's largest manufacturer of taxicabs.

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