1956 AC Ace Bristol

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1956 AC Ace Bristol
1956 AC Ace Bristol



Manufacturer: AC Ltd.
Country: England
Engine: Bristol In-Line 6-cylinder, 1971 cc, 125 hp, 123 lb/ft torque
Valves: 2 OHV per cylinder
Compression: 9.00:1
Transmission 4-speed manual
Chassis Tubular Steel Space Frame
Weight: 1970 lbs

In 1956 after a production run of 220 cars, AC began installing the Bristol engine into their little sports car. Th AC Ace had a wonderful weight balance, responsive engine and handling, along with an inspired body over a John Tojeiro designed chassis which incorporated a transverse upper leaf lower control arm independent rear suspension. Production of the Ace continued until 1962 when AC Motorcars with the Ace teamed up with Carroll Shelby to produce the Cobra.

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